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perception of danger: communicating about climate change

March 2, 2008

Pat Kight at Oregon State University sends this link to new podcast series made of interviews with prominent social scientists on the subject of communicating about climate change. It’s mainly aimed at researchers, science writers, agency staff and others who are in the business of trying to get the word about what’s going on with the climate: Communicating Climate Change. Check it out.

” We have to help them understand that climate change is not a temporally distant problem.  It’s happening here and now.  That’s where learning about what’s happening in places like Alaska is really important.  And it’s not just Alaska anymore.  Of course, we’re seeing these kinds of impacts happening all across the lower forty-eight [states] as well.  They’re certainly harbingers of what we’re likely to see.  They’re great teachable moments to help people understand what this may look like in twenty years.

Secondly, it’s about bringing it down to home.  This issue has been talked about as global climate change, global warming.  This goes back to what former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil was very famous for saying is that “all politics is local.”  Overwhelmingly people are interested in their own communities, their own neighborhoods, their own cities and towns, their own friends and family.” Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, research scientist at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University