About the Resident Wacko

Hi there!

 First, I’m not an environmental scientist.  I don’t have a degree in anything.  I just read a lot and think too much.

I think that the world is on the path to some pretty major change.  If you are past forty, like me, and you live above the 45th parallel, like me, you’ll probably be ok.  But if you’ve got kids and grandkids, they will not be ok.

So, here’s the plan – it’s pretty simple and straight-forward:  I’m getting my BSN (nursing degree) and I’m moving to a remote northern latitude.  Once there, I plan to work as a nurse and live off the grid as self-sufficiently as possible.  I should have the nursing degree around 2010.  I’ll stay in the US until 2012 and then re-evaluate.  If it’s still looking like we’re on this path — if Jim Lovelock and Jack Williams and Jim Hansen are right, then I’ll head north. 

I figure I’ll have about 10-20 years to prepare a place.  The boys might be there from the beginning, or they might come in ones and twos.  They want to see some of the world, and the 60th paralell is damn remote. 

I pray that I’m wrong. 


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