President Elect Obama

While the majority of USians, including myself, are rejoycing at the election of Barack Obama, his election will not effect the coming ecological disaster.  However, it may effect how humanity survives.

Over the last few months, I have become even more pessimistic about our survival.  Within the next four years, the Earth will witness the beginning of the death of the ocean, increasing human starvation, and the beginning waves of eco-refugees. 

The rich will continue to take as much as they can and the poor will continue to die. 

But perhaps it has come down to how we go down.  Will we we die with our heals on the throats of starving children?  Will we die like junkies, taking that last hit of our energy addiction to smooth the way? 

Or is this a man who can pull us together to work toward survival?  I want very much to hope.


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