What’s the Buzz?

 Quotes from the  public unveiling of the Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Valencia, Spain, Nov 19 2007:

“We are riding in an airplane with the bolts falling out while heading into a storm.” Stephen Tonser (2007), ecologist, University of Pittsburgh

“Climate change is going faster than our worst-case scenarios of five or six years ago.” Hans Verolme (2007), director of the climate change program for the World Wildlife Fund

“The IPCC has greatly underestimated the climate storm ahead.  When all the earth systems are taken into account an atmospheric concentration of 500 ppm of CO2 will result in a six degree rise in global temperatures, not the two degrees Celsius the IPCC says is most likely. ” Dr. James Lovelock (2007)


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